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S&P 500 company harnesses power of Red Canary to improve incident response and detection capabilities

As a long-time customer, this 2,000-employee Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) has grown its security operations program in tandem with Red Canary.

As a member of the S&P 500, this Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) is focused on the acquisition, development, and management of residential properties throughout the United States. This REIT currently has tens of thousands of apartment units in its portfolio and over 2,000 employees.

This S&P 500 REIT sought to augment their incident response (IR) and detection capabilities by seeking a service that would not only improve their team’s productivity but also free them up to address other priorities. During the early stages of their engagement with Red Canary, the concept of managed detection and response (MDR) was not well defined in the security space. However, they recognized the importance of finding a reliable partner to address their needs for better detection and response. When they asked their account team at VMware Carbon Black for MDR references, they named Red Canary.

“As the leader of a small security team, I was determined to find a security solution that created time efficiencies. Since partnering with Red Canary in 2017, my team has been able to focus more on strategic initiatives and less on alert triage.”

S&P 500 REIT

This S&P 500 company understood that in order to mature their security program, they needed a partner capable of taking that telemetry, processing it, and outputting high-fidelity detections to find more threats and weed out the noise. A key aspect of the partnership was the integration of their Carbon Black telemetry with Red Canary MDR. After being referred by their account team at VMware Carbon Black, they initiated conversations with Red Canary, ultimately forging a partnership that would grow and mature over time.

The collaboration between this S&P 500 REIT and Red Canary has yielded many positive outcomes.

Threat hunting expertise

“A huge value of our relationship with Red Canary is having threat hunters that know our team and our environment. The threat hunting experts at Red Canary can jump in at any time to help assist during major security incidents.”

Eliminating time-intensive tasks

“Red Canary has eliminated the need for labor-intensive tasks, allowing our incident response team to focus their efforts on more important initiatives. The partnership has brought significant time savings to our lean security team.”

Transparent reporting

“Red Canary’s reporting capabilities promote transparency, providing our leadership with a clear understanding of the security measures implemented and the value we derive from our partnership.”

Reducing alert fatigue

“When my team receives an alert from Red Canary, they know it requires immediate attention due to its relevance and accuracy. This helps streamline my team’s investigative process and also helps reduce alert fatigue.”

This S&P 500 REIT has significantly improved their incident response and detection capabilities thanks to Red Canary’s expanding coverage across their IT environment, high-fidelity detections, threat hunting expertise, commitment to research and development, and transparent reporting. In addition to creating time-saving efficiencies, Red Canary has also helped this S&P 500 REIT reduce alert fatigue, leaving their lean security team free to focus on critical areas and respond effectively to security incidents.

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