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Detection and response

Red Canary Video Demo

Learn how our managed detection and response can make immediate improvements to your security posture. This video captures the highlights, but it doesn’t replace a conversation. Request a personalized demo.

00:00 Take a look at the Red Canary portal and how we do detections

00:05 Take a look at the revamped home dashboard

00:52 Monitoring Endpoints

1:30 Events

2:16 Filtering by confirmed threats

Exploring a confirmed threat

3:45 Detailed Threat Timeline – Know what happened, how to respond, ask us questions (never any charge)

5:26 Threat Analytics and mapping to MITRE ATT&CK

How Red Canary automation and consultation help you respond with confidence

6:50 Create playbooks to reduce MTTR

7:15 Integrate Red Canary into other workflows for additional actions

7:34 Red Canary is there to assist when needed

See all of your alerts in one location

8:16 All of the supported external alert sources

8:34 Investigate alerts by endpoint

Tools we’ve built to help you visualize coverage and track program improvements

10:07 We aim to be transparent, here you can view our internal detectors we have created

10:20 You can also view our intelligence profiles that are associated with various threats

11:10 Reporting – easily readable reports help you understand what’s happening within your environment without any complications or confusion.

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