January 15, 2021 Events & WebinarsLinux security
Tony Lambert Carl Petty

Using Chain Reactor for Adversary Simulation on Linux

Chain Reactor is a free open source tool that helps security teams simulate adversary behaviors on Linux endpoints and test detection capabilities. Watch this Atomic Friday to see live demos of Chain Reactor and a discussion with the tool’s developer, Carl Petty, and fellow Linux enthusiast Tony Lambert.

How Chain Reactor Works

Chain Reactor offers you the ability to compose Executable and Linkable Format (ELF) binaries that perform sequences of actions like process creation, network connections, and more. This enables security teams to mimic real-world adversary behaviors in Linux Cloud Environments to test their detection posture—or simply perform sequences of benign actions to determine their visibility level. Get started on GitHub.

About Atomic Friday

Atomic Fridays are regular discussions with Atomic Red Team researchers and community members to talk about how security teams are using open source tools to improve threat detection and response. Sign up here to be registered for future live Atomic Friday events!

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