Endpoint Detection and Response

EDR is a 24/7 job. But it doesn't have to be yours.

Implementing EDR is one of the most effective ways to strengthen your security posture. As with any enterprise platform, turning a tool into a capability can be difficult and time consuming. Red Canary gives you industry-leading technology backed by an expert team that has run hundreds of EDR instances for years. We’ll work alongside your team to unlock immediate value.

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Cloud-hosted EDR without compromise

Many EDR providers have SaaS offerings, but most come with data collection caveats to protect their resources. Red Canary provides full visibility EDR with zero on-premise deployment and long-term storage.

Unlimited data retention

A lot happens on your endpoints. Collecting, indexing, and storing high-volume telemetry requires significant hardware and software resources. Whether your EDR is on-premise or in the cloud, Red Canary gives you unlimited long-term telemetry storage with easy access when you need it.

Configuration and management

Effective tuning and ongoing maintenance of EDR products is time consuming and takes valuable resources away from critical detection and response activities. Red Canary provides expert configuration and management of your EDR infrastructure, enabling your staff to focus on remediating threats.

Expert guidance

While EDR telemetry is extremely valuable, knowing what to look for can be hard to keep up with in a world of rapidly evolving threats. Red Canary acts as a 24/7/365 expert resource to help you know where you should be looking and when.


Industry-leading EDR partners

Red Canary works with industry-leading EDR products, so you can customize the solution to fit your environment. We expand your coverage with additional detection technology, cutting-edge research, and 24/7/365 investigation.

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