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You Don’t Have to be in the Fortune 500 to Successfully Defend Against Advanced Attacks

Brian Beyer
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Defending your endpoints is complicated and expensive and often leaves comprehensive endpoint security for companies with the biggest security budgets. We’re not ok with that – because every organization is a target.

Defending your endpoints is complicated

For most organizations, a strong endpoint security posture requires the visibility to see activity across your organization, a way to prevent attacks, detection of a wide spectrum of threats, and finally the ability to take action and respond to those threats.

  • Visibility includes understanding your assets, the value they hold, what is happening on them, and how they are threatened by attackers. That visibility is so much more than raw data – it needs to include the key performance indicators about your security posture and how you are improving over time.
  • Prevention is a powerful part of any security posture that should stop a majority of threats in their tracks before they can even execute. Whether traditional antivirus, newer machine learning based solutions such as Cylance, or a full whitelisting solution like Bit9, prevention is an important first line of defense against attacks.
  • Detection is where it gets most interesting for me because threats that have landed on your endpoints can take so many different forms. At Red Canary, our approach is to layer Behavioral Analysis, Analytics, Binary Analysis, and Threat Intelligence together to detect threats in a multitude of ways.
  • Response to threats can take many forms. For some organizations, a simple re-image is enough to kill the threat and move on. For others, especially those handling HIPAA or PCI protected data, a more thorough incident response is required. In any case, the ability to surgically respond to and stop a threat in it’s tracks by quarantining an endpoint, killing a process, or deleting a file is essential.

It’s no surprise that bringing together these multiple layers of endpoint security is complicated and takes precious resources. The identification, evaluation, integration, and then management of these products and services can easily keep a security team busy full time and gets expensive very quickly.

All of this comes at a time when many executive teams still struggle to understand why you need more budget – and you struggle to determine which purchase you make will have the largest impact. You often have to balance products, services, and staff when improving your defenses.

All enterprises are a target for attackers

It’s no surprise that enterprises of all sizes are targets for attackers. Whether it is an APT targeted specifically at your organization or an opportunistic attack ready to exfiltrate whatever it finds, the attackers want what you have. That can be your intellectual property, your bank account, your employees’ personal information, the credit card data you process, millions of healthcare records, or the attacker simply wanting to disrupt your business.

What makes this battle even more challenging is that the attacker’s sole purpose is to breach your organization – and your organization’s purpose is to provide excellent medical care. Or to design the next important pharmaceutical. Or to provide higher education to others. That balance is tilted in the attacker’s favor.

We’re simplifying security for everyone

branson-quote_simple-15336We founded Red Canary on a simple principle: great endpoint security should be accessible to every organization – not only the companies with the largest security budgets. And we believe that when you focus on simplifying a complex process, you begin to truly understand what is signal, and what is noise.

Red Canary is simplifying endpoint security in many ways, but several are especially important to me:

  • Getting started with Red Canary generally takes less than 15 minutes – no need to find hardware or configure a server
  • Our R&D team is continually identifying, evaluating, integrating, building and applying the best endpoint security solutions into our service so you don’t have to
  • Red Canary analysts are experts at reviewing endpoint threats and eliminating the false positives, so you aren’t wasting time with noise
  • Every bit of data and intelligence from Red Canary easily integrates into your workflow through our easy to use APIs and integrations with SIEMs, issue tracking, and incident management systems

So if you’re one of the thousands of technologists responsible for defending your organization against the random botnet operators hell-bent on getting your marketing guy to click on that PDF, we’re here for you. Our team has fought your fight and we’re here to help defend your endpoints – whether we’re extending your existing security team or are the drop-in endpoint security solution for your business.


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