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Apple OS X: Now With Red Canary Threat Detection Coverage

Phil Hagen
Originally published . Last modified .

Red Canary and Apple OS X logosWhile Apple OS X has seen increasing market share in many enterprises, the security market has so far failed to provide a corresponding expansion in OS X coverage. Similarly, the once-held and thoroughly misguided concept that “Apple doesn’t get malware” is finally starting to die with the release of several families of malware targeting OS X users. Combined, these two developments mean that enterprises that include an OS X footprint are already behind the power curve when it comes to including those endpoints in their security process.

Although some antivirus companies provide an Apple OS X version of their software, the overwhelming majority of those AV signatures are designed to detect non-OS X malware that may cross an OS X host. However, there is a very concerning lack of visibility to human or automated activity on OS X endpoints that falls in scope for an investigation. That changes with the latest version of the Bit9 + Carbon Black sensor, which operates equivalently on both Windows and OS X endpoints.

By using the latest version of the Bit9 + Carbon Black sensor, Red Canary already provides threat detection equally on both Windows and Apple OS X endpoints. Our analysts use endpoints observations including process relationships, module loads, DNS queries, network socket creation, and more. By seamlessly leveraging these events on our clients’ Apple OS X endpoints as well as Windows endpoints, we are providing them with a meaningful, security-centric view into all of these endpoints in their environments for the first time – ever.

Contact us to see how Red Canary can provide your team with comprehensive visibility within your environment, minimize the time between threat occurrence and detection, expand visibility, and drive down the cost of incident response.  We’re sure that after the 15-day trial period, you’ll clearly see what you’ve been missing.


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