Red Canary Act

Simple and safe response automation

Security teams have a lot to do. Automation is one of the keys to reclaiming valuable time for high-impact work. Red Canary Act provides a simple and safe way to take immediate and effective action against adversaries or automate routine tasks like gathering forensics packages.

Easily automate incident response

Red Canary Act’s intuitive user experience makes it easy to build and automate consistent and efficient incident response processes and playbooks with expert guidance from the Red Canary team.

Reduce mean time to resolution

The fastest path to resolution is machines and humans working together. Red Canary Act automates important steps, allowing responders to focus on activities that require human touch to reduce MTTR.

No development required

Red Canary Act doesn’t require you to code, script, or deploy anything new. Without any upfront effort required, you can immediately start defining and deploying playbooks through our cloud-based UI.


Playbook editor

Automated incident response is often a non-starter because it’s not set up to comply with organizational requirements or can’t easily map to existing SOC technologies.

Red Canary Act gives you access to a simple, browser-based editor that allows you to quickly create and modify playbooks with granular conditions and filters to automate security workflows that meet your unique requirements.


Playbook controller

Red Canary Act’s built-in playbook controller runs both fully and partially automated playbooks. You can easily adhere to internal requirements for manual oversight or execute any playbook on demand.

When a threat is confirmed, the playbook will execute within seconds, reducing MTTR by as much as 99%, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All with no additional platform or management overhead required.


Playbook testing

One of the primary reasons automated playbooks fail is the inability to easily test their efficacy and identify specific points where they aren’t working as intended, leading to unexpected failure.

Red Canary Act has a built-in capability to test playbooks end-to-end to identify any potential points of failure or inefficiency. This gives you assurance that your automated playbooks will run as expected when you need them most.


Expert content

Knowing where to start is often the hardest part of building an incident response playbook, whether it’s automated or not.

Red Canary continuously updates and maintains an easily accessible library of common use case playbooks and creates custom playbooks designed to meet specific objectives.


Empowering you to focus on what matters

Red Canary is the only MDR solution with its own fully integrated incident response automation. That means you can automate away manual, repetitive tasks and get back to doing the work you love. And with the power to automatically shut down confirmed threats, you’ll gain peace of mind that attackers will be stopped where they stand.

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