Behavioral analytics and adaptive defense

The comprehensive detection provided by Red Canary identifies the most critical threats and suspicious behaviors for investigation, all mapped to MITRE ATT&CK™. Continuously improving coverage across all operating systems and deployment environments reduces exposure time for new attack techniques.

Dynamic, up-to-date detection coverage

Detect adversary techniques across MITRE ATT&CK and beyond, without requiring a threat research team to manage content. We leverage 1000+ finely tuned, continuously updated behavioral analytics rules.

Intelligent alert consolidation

Eliminate alert fatigue and minimize repetitive incident response processes. Aggregation, deduplication, and endpoint profiling reduce noise and give you time to respond to critical alerts sooner.

Zero configuration required

Start surfacing potential threats within minutes—no tuning of detection rules required. Less time configuring detection rules means more time investigating and responding to potential threats.


Deep endpoint analysis

The rapid evolution of advanced attacks is constantly resulting in new attacks that are specifically designed to evade signature-based detection tools.

Red Canary’s deep endpoint analysis uses advanced behavioral analytics to spot attacks that have bypassed traditional, signature-based detection techniques.


Automated behavioral profiling

Establishing a baseline of expected endpoint behavior is necessary for accurate threat detection, but is also prohibitively time consuming.

Red Canary automatically establishes detailed behavioral profiles for all your endpoints, giving you a comprehensive baseline of all expected behavior.


Dynamic rule updates

Attackers are constantly coming up with new ways to exploit your endpoints, leaving you struggling to defend against advanced threats and zero-day attacks.

Red Canary continually updates new and existing detection rules, ensuring you can detect even the most recent threats.


Deduplication and aggregation

The sheer volume of alarms a typical organization receives on a daily basis is one of the primary reasons they miss valid threats.

Red Canary automatically analyzes alarms to identify duplicate alarms, aggregating similar threats and dropping repetitive low value data from detection feeds.

Red Canary advanced intel
Red Canary advanced intel

When Red Canary confirms a threat in any of our customer environments, we extract the indicators of compromise and proactively monitor all our customers for the same attack.

This allows you to benefit from herd immunity, knowing you’re protected against threats detected across a broad customer base spanning all geographies, sizes, and verticals.

Retroactive threat hunting
Retroactive threat hunting

Even the best behavioral analytics require time to identify and profile the details of an advance attack, leaving you vulnerable to previously undetected threats.

Red Canary mitigates this risk by automatically hunting through historical telemetry for newly discovered threats as soon as updated indicators of compromise are identified across all our customers.

MITRE ATT&CK mapping
MITRE ATT&CK mapping

Identifying and correlating individual threat vectors to complex attack techniques while responding to an alert is difficult and time consuming.

Red Canary maps all detection to the MITRE ATT&CK framework to accelerate awareness and understanding of advanced attacks as they’re happening.

Universal endpoint protection
Universal endpoint protection

With endpoints running multiple operating systems deployed in data centers, on workstations and laptops, and in the cloud, every organization has a unique and constantly changing footprint, which makes finding a single solution to protect every endpoint challenging.

Red Canary supports all relevant operating systems and endpoint deployments, ensuring that all your endpoints are protected with the same consistent and reliable coverage.


Continuously evolving threat detection

Unlike standalone EDR deployments or typical MDR services, Red Canary offers superior protection against previously undetected threats and zero-day attacks. Our unique combination of deep behavioral analytics and adaptive defense keeps your detection and response capabilities up-to-date at all times.

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