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Readiness Exercises foster continuous learning, which drives both employee and business success through:

  • Continuously improve your readiness: Benchmark current skill levels against industry standards through frequent feedback and scoring. Onboard new team members and establish a culture of consistent skill improvement.
  • Train for real-world threats: Continuously practice and validate team preparedness against realistic scenarios based on trending adversary groups, tools, and MITRE ATT&CK® techniques.
  • Get training, tabletops, and atomic tests in one experience: Bring together disparate learning tools and run them in your environment to maximize their relevance and impact.


Microsoft Security Trailblazer Award

Forrester Wave Leader 2023

Monitor 24/7

“Red Canary covers the gaps and gives us a set of eyes on our environment, 24/7. Knowing they’re looking for suspicious activity around the clock gives us peace of mind.”

Information Security Engineer

Add expertise

“If you’re struggling with the right resources, partnering with Red Canary gives you the expertise and staff you need. That leaves you room to tackle what’s important to your team.”

IT Security Leader

Focus on what matters

“If we didn’t bring in Red Canary, I would still be overwhelmed with alerts and struggling to improve my environment.”

Information Security Architect

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