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2021 EDR Buyer’s Guide
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5 ways to fulfill the promise of secure DevOps
Testing and validation in the modern security operations center
Enabling the modern security operations center
Breaking down the modern security operations center
Red Canary MDR Demo
It’s time for better cloud workload security
Cloud workload security: 7 reasons why it’s complicated
Onboarding log: My first 30 days at Red Canary
Zero in on the alerts that matter with Red Canary’s Alert Center
2021 EDR Buyer’s Guide
A guide to evaluating EDR security tools
A practical approach to threat modeling
Expediting false positive identification with string comparison algorithms
Endpoint Security vs Network Security: Where to Invest Your Budget
Meet Greg Bailey: former red team lead, now director of incident handling
Building security from the ground up as a team of one
Detection Engineering: Setting Objectives and Scaling for Growth