WebinarsDetection and response
Brian Beyer

Analyze 30+ TB of Endpoint Data Without Drowning Your Team

Wading through more endpoint alerts to stop attacks.

Most security teams are flooded with alerts from their endpoint security products. Not only are 95% of alerts not investigated due to time and resource constraints, but the most worrisome threats bypass prevention tools altogether.

This technical deep dive webinar will cover:

  • Why it’s crucial to collect all endpoint activity and meet attackers where they are — at the endpoint
  • How Red Canary identifies malicious activity by applying data normalization, threat intelligence, behavioral analysis, and other techniques to better inform a hunting and response team
  • How to use alarm suppression as a secret weapon to enable a small team to process massive amounts of data daily
  • Layering crucial security measures like threat intelligence and incident response tools on top of the architecture to quickly stop attacks