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2015 Bit9+Carbon Black User XChange: All about that (user) base, ’bout that base, ’bout that base

Brian Beyer
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We recently had the privilege of sponsoring and attending the 2015 Bit9+Carbon Black User XChange conference in Las Vegas, NV. Though we’ve been using the Carbon Black technology since its inception, this was our first time attending the User XChange and we wanted to share what we learned for those who couldn’t attend or those considering attending next year.

The first thing that struck us was Bit9+Carbon Black’s focus on keeping the conference true to its name: a User XChange. This was not a sales conference. This was not a conference about “the 50 reasons why Bit9+Carbon Black is the best vendor on the market.”

This conference was about the users – how they’ve used the products, where they’ve struggled, what they’ve created. It was all about the exchange of information to raise the bar of everyone involved.

Most powerful to me was the chance to listen as customers of varying levels of security and product-deployment maturity compared notes, offered each advice, and actually worked through technical and process problems together. Bringing nearly two hundred customers of varying sophistication together is invaluable for organizations diving into this new world of deep endpoint visibility and control.

Another highlight was the technical presentations given by both some of the largest organizations in the world and smaller companies with equally impressive security teams. If your interests lie in ingest, storage and analysis of massive data sets, there’s a talk for you. Hunting? Check. Process and policy? Check. Integration and extension of the Bit9+Carbon Black platforms were highlighted in almost every presentation. It would be extremely difficult to sit through these talks and not leave with a list of ways to get more value from your investments.

Finally, the involvement of the Bit9+Carbon Black executive and support teams in learning from their customers was a common theme. As one of the oldest and most advanced Carbon Black partners, we have a lot of feedback and requests for new features that we can use to improve security, and we were able to work directly with the product leadership and support teams to discuss the exciting future of these products.

There is nothing I enjoy more than spending two days with Red Canary and Bit9+Carbon Black customers to ensure we’re keeping a constant pulse on how we can best serve them. We walked away from the conference with many different ideas on how we can improve our service and continue bringing our customers the security they need.

So if you’re looking for an opportunity to learn from other Bit9+Carbon Black customers and share your experiences, absolutely attend the next User XChange in 2016.


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