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Detecting All the Things with Limited Data
Threat Hunting for PsExec, Open-Source Clones, and Other Lateral Movement Tools
Red Team vs Red Canary: How Sparring with Customers Improves Security
How the OODA Loop Can Help Improve Detection Speed and Accuracy
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Category: Product & Technology
Defense evasion: why is it so prominent & how can you detect it?
Meet Todd Gaiser: detection engineering extraordinaire
FrameworkPOS and the adequate persistent threat
Adversaries use scripting more than any ATT&CK technique except PowerShell
Four tools to consider if you’re adopting ATT&CK
Threat analysis: Regsvr32 is the third most popular ATT&CK technique
Connection Proxy Ranks Fourth Among ATT&CK Techniques
Testing the Top MITRE ATT&CK Techniques: PowerShell, Scripting, Regsvr32
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