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Red Canary's best of 2022

Take a look back at the research, detection guidance, videos, and other resources we’re most proud of this year.

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See you, 2022. This final week withstanding, this year didn’t bring us any singular headline-dominating incident in the ranks of the sweeping SolarWinds campaign that closed out 2020 or the Log4Shell vulnerabilities and widespread Microsoft Exchange zero-day exploitation we saw in 2021 (fingers crossed we didn’t just jinx that!). But adversaries were as persistent as ever, and Red Canary was there to help security professionals stay one step ahead of new threats and evolving tradecraft. Here are the year’s best of Red Canary’s blogs, videos, social media, and more.

Best new blogs

These were the most read, shared, and discussed articles we published in 2022.

 1. Raspberry Robin gets the worm early

2. ChromeLoader: a pushy malvertiser

3. The Goot cause: Detecting Gootloader and its follow-on activity

4. Forward thinking: How adversaries abuse Office 365 email rules

5. Better know a data source: Antimalware Scan Interface


I know what you clicked last summer
I Know What You Clicked Last Summer
Kaseya response timeline
Red Canary Response Timeline: Kaseya attack

Best educational resources

These are some of our flagship resources to help defenders figure out which threats to prioritize while fine-tuning their detection capabilities.

1. Atomic Red Team year in review

2. 2022 Threat Detection Report

3. The Detection Series: Open Scripting Architecture, AppleScript, and JavaScript for Automation

4. 15 critical tactics for protecting Linux from cyber attacks

5. MDR Buyer’s Guide


Keberoasting with Tim Medin

Best social posts

These posts were the most liked, commented, shared, and memed. Don’t forget to follow, like, and subscribe!

Best of Twitter

Best of LinkedIn


Screen Shot 2022-12-20 at 11.01.20 AM
Emulating Raspberry Robin using Atomic Red Team

Best definitely real podcast

This year we proved that audio is one of the best ways of sharing hashes, second only to a PDF.

Introducing the Unsalted Hash: a podcast for thought leaders like you



6 Questions with a Cyber Insurance Agent

Cheers to 2023!

We’re already at work on next year’s Threat Detection Report (taking song requests for the accompanying playlist!) and look forward to sharing much more intelligence, threat research, detection guidance, and occasional silliness to brighten your day. See you next year!


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