Red Canary MDR + Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

Complete endpoint security meets supercharged detection

Red Canary MDR + Microsoft Defender for Endpoint is a powerful combination that protects your organization and helps you respond faster in the fight against attacks.

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Unmatched detection

When attacks evolve, so does your Red Canary MDR.

We continuously update our behavior-based detection from endpoint telemetry, which is enriched by learnings from over 600 incident responses that we see each year.

This translates into greater security expertise and the broadest detection available for your organization. 

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Greater Defender value

Red Canary MDR extends your capacity and augments your team, putting you at the helm of a fully modern security operation—regardless of your team size, budget, tools, or expertise.

  • Make it easy: Seamlessly deploy in minutes within the Microsoft Defender console
  • Reduce alert noise by 96% while you increase productivity (how we validate alerts)
  • 100% increase in detections that you’re already getting from Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (see an example)
  • Single pane of glass: See alerts with action-oriented context, without leaving your Defender console


Army of allies

Red Canary MDR eliminates alert fatigue from security operations—while making an impact in ways you might not expect.

  • Red Canary Intelligence & Research teams ensure coverage, context, and insights for attacker behaviors
  • Red Canary Detection Engineers analyze, triage, and investigate potential threats around the clock
  • Red Canary Incident Handlers are on call 24/7 for proactive security guidance—in addition to investigation and response
  • The Red Canary portal delivers absolute transparency into everything we do, down to the minute
  • MITRE ATT&CK® mapping for all threats, so we’re always on the same page

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